Monday, March 31, 2008

The Pill for the Men

Looks like equality in birth control has at last arrived. Men now have the option of taking a pill similar to the pill women have been popping for decades. I am curious to see if men take advantage of this opportunity or if they will feel to feminine taking a pill and will therefore say its up to the woman. Gender roles for birth control have been established, hopefully this pill can help curve those roles.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

WAM Bam, Thank You Mam.

I have never been more inspired. I now know where my heart wants to flutter and after meeting some of the people (well we were drunk so they probably will never remember this) who have influenced my life so much this past year, I am no longer afraid. I think everyone has a lot to offer the feminist community, and I think I will find my place somewhere within this. It was great to meet the older feminist (Ok well not that old) who have been working, but it was even better meeting the other students my age and focusing on what we can do together to make change.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mann Acts back

The long awaited comeback of the Mann Act has been anticipated by scholars and ruby red republicans for quite some time. Now that Spitzer has so kindly brought it back in the news, its time we take a good hard look at old laws such as this that are still on the books and see if our society really has come to any new revolutions concerning womens rights or not. For some history check out what NPR has to say about the White Slave Trafficking Act (actual title of the Mann Act before it got PC). Conspicuous enough, the acts first recipient was Jack Johnson, for having white women as partners.